“I have torture tested this product with dozens of students and other teachers. It works and stands the test of time. I was given the product almost a year ago at the House of Guitars in Rochester, NY. All I can say is it works, and works well!”

- Joe Bonsignore

  “I purchased one of the strap pads for my Mesa Subway 800 head, from Curt Smith at the House of Guitars. Will be nice to not have my amp slip off my shoulder while carrying it. Very nicely made.”

- Tommy Borrelli

  “Hi Mike, I received the Guitar Mates. They are awesome! ”

- Tom Grothe

  “This is the most practical solution for the everyday guitarist. This product keeps your guitar from slipping off of your lap while noodling, practicing, or playing without a guitar strap. I Love My Guitar Mate!Thank you for creating such a great product/products for us people who love playing guitar and many other stringed instruments.”

- Kevin B Klein

  “Your Guitarmate really works great. I was surprised. Such a simple concept right out there in front of everyone. Keeps my guitar in place on my leg and reduces friction noise in the Studio. Nice work.”

- Tim Thompson


- Marie Floreno

 "I’ve been using the guitar mate ever since I got back from NAMM. I use it with my harp guitar and it gives me more stability when I move between the bass and standard strings. The guitar mate even works well with basketball shorts. I do repair work for other musicians on location and I‘ve been taking the guitar mate with me. It clips well on a belt loop and provides a safe surface for me to lay the guitar on while I repair them."

- Ethan Worley from the band Frontier

 "Awesome product! I think you'll sell a million of them!"

- Ned Evett, King of the Glass-Necked Guitar

 "It’s really coming in handy with keeping my classical guitar in place when I play!"

- Jake Bedard from the band Blind Revisions, musician and instructor

 "As I sit here with my new -MyGuitarMate-, I'm thinking... it's about time! What a great idea! I do a lot of recording and I absolutely hate cords and straps or anything else getting in the way of what i'm doing. I also hate my guitar sliding off my lap as it always seems to do. That is now a thing of the past! MyGuitarMate has solved the problem once and for all! The made in the USA and very attractive product will now be a part of my practice and recording must-have tools! It's one of those products that just works with no buyer regrets! Reasonably priced and well made, this baby is a winner!!!

P.S. I got 2!!!"

- Bob Marini, Producer/Composer/Talent Summer Productions/Summer Sound Studio

 "Great idea, great product. Use mine all the time!"

- Ed Bores

 "What a great product this non-slip mat is. We have used them all summer long with bands performing on our outdoor stage with great satisfaction. The feedback has been extremely positive from customers, employees, and our service department staff. We highly recommend this product. It took Michael George, an avid guitar enthusiast, to come up with this great product. It is all proudly made in the USA. Great job Mike!"

- Bruce Schaubroeck, House of Guitars

 "We have been using the pads around the shop. Some of our customers, along with our in-house staff have tried them. Everyone loves this product, works great. Give it a try. I think you will love it too!"

- Curt Smith, House of Guitars

 "My son is 11 and he started using the Guitar Mate after receiving one on Saturday at The House Of Guitars Guitar Expo. He went right home to try it out and has been using it non-stop since. So easy to use and keeps his guitar from slipping down his lap when he’s playing! He LOVES it! Great product and great customer service!! Definitely give it a try!"

- Heather

 "I have been using 'Guitar Mate' with students in my studio and it has proven to be an extremely handy tool. Learning to play the guitar is challenging - and all the more so if students are distracted by their guitar sliding away from them while they play. The non-slip surface and elegant design provides a handsome way to prevent the movement of the guitar on the leg as well as relieve any discomfort from the corner of a classic or acoustic guitar."

- Peter LaVine, Private Guitar Instruction

I tried MY GUITAR MATE for the first time last night. Great product. As a relative beginner to playing guitar, I found that one of my challenges was balancing my guitar, particularly as I looked to more efficiently move up and down the fret board, and looked to experiment with barr chords, etc. The great thing about MY GUITAR MATE is that it takes away the need to spend time and focus balancing the guitar, hereby enabling a guitarist to concentrate more fully on finger movement, etc. This product is an absolute must for new and relatively new players.
- Gary Bissonette

Just tried out my new Guitar Mate. Amazing product. No more slipping while sitting on the couch practicing. Product is great for players of all levels. No more straining while trying to hold the guitar in place. I love it and recommend it for all players.
- David Picarel

It's such a great product. I can now play my Flying V sitting down. No more slipping around.
- Michael Follett

This product is great, especially for guitars with high gloss finishes. It holds the guitar in place when you are pausing to write stuff down while working on your tunes!!
- Brian T Ormond

I'd like to say that the guitar mate is an amazing product and I've found it multi-functional as it keeps my guitar from slipping and holds picks on my leg as I commonly switch from picking to finger style. I will be recommending this product to friends in the future!
- Mike Wolfe

My Guitar Mate is great for classical guitar. It's also a good tool when you are writing or transposing music and you need to set the guitar down and pick it up frequently.
- Bernie Heveron

 "Bruce at the HOG handed me your Guitar Mate to try out. Very cool! Really love using it so I don't always have to strap up when just hanging and practicing. Wonderful!"

- Jim Drew

 "This product really works! No more slippage. No more fighting the guitar. You can even sit and play a Flying V."

- Ethan Porter, House of Guitars Luther

I just wanted to write an email to tell you how much I love this product! I constantly grab it when I am sitting on the couch running through scales on my electric. It is also great for jamming on my acoustic! This pad holds all my guitars effortlessly! This is a very practical and ingenious product!
- Stacy Sheppard